Kawaru concept

While we’re not here to reinvent the wheel and are very reliant on the latest research to make sure we’re leading you towards the best known path, we do pride ourselves having a « Health as a whole » approach that we’re happy to help you getting started with if that matches your mindset.

So, in a nutshell, what is our « Health as a whole » concept in a few bullet points :

  • We, as human being, are a whole and indissociable entity and one cannot expect to yield a positive result working solely on one aspect.
  • As such, we all have to strike our very own perfect balance of healthiness between somewhat competing concerns such as being fitter, being happier, eating better, staying more relax, improving our resilience, etc…
  • We are creatures of habits but improvement lies in change. We have to get challenged to adapt and learn. That’s where you will thrive to discover more about ourselves during the very hazardous journey of being your favorite version of ourselves.
  • Make a promise to yourself, explicit your goals and we’ll make a plan to fulfil them while accompanying you along the way to ensure you stay consistent, committed and accountable towards yourself.
  • Being healthy is much more than being fit and we take that to the literal sense by having a multi-disciplinary approach (for more see Our Philosophy)