Kawaru’s approach

Going beyond « getting fitter » is really the core idea of the approach, that’s why you’ll get a program that’ll be varied and will attach to different aspect of your goals while staying consistent and coherent.

There’s a whole toolbox we can tap in together to ensure that you have something custom made for you the will have the correct level of attention among different aspect :

  • Strength : Having a solid & versatile strength training program (whether something you do in the gym, at home or outside) is a key component of a solid foundation of health
  • Cardio : Whether you enjoy running, cycling, swimming or any other activities that get your heart rate up, you’ll get a comprehensive plan to ensure either a better cardiovascular health or an improvement in your endurance
  • Mobility & flexibility : Being stronger is a plus, being able to use that strength in a wide range of motion is crucial. Not only it enables you to use your full potential but also ensure your long term physical longevity.
  • Focus & coordination : Always on the rush, multitasking, speeding left and right… Let’s face it, we’re not focusing on what’s matter anymore, being in the present and giving the right attention to every moment. Through drills inherited from our core martial art, Taiho Jutsu and breathing exercise, we will work together on your focus and coordination.
  • Nutrition : Because more than ever, we are what we eat, it is important that you understand fully how important your nutrition is and how you can make more informed choices when it comes to your body fuel.
  • Rest & sleep : Usually overlooked it is one of the most, if not the most important factor of your daily health. That’s why we’ll be focusing of recuperation technique, good sleep pattern and overall rest to make sure your harvesting all the gains from your daily efforts.