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Because knowledge is power and the overall goal is to get you back in control to make the most out of what you want to achieve, we are going to share as much knowledge as possible to make sure you’re fully set for the challenges to come.

Your program will come along with the latest scientific information that might interest you, all the keys to continue on your journey, improve your plans, fine tune your program and make informed decision at each and every steps along the way.

You do not need a personal trainer or a coach all your life (although that’ll make for a very good business model, this is most likely the best lie to set you up for failure…), however, you need to have the knowledge to pursue your goals and make good choices.

And indeed, you sometime need someone to teach you the basics, set you on the path and, truth be told, save you a tremendous amount of time by keeping you away from the most obvious traps and mistakes. Also, you might need someone that will keep you accountable for a time, motivate and pushes you, gives you advice and help you when needed. That’s why you’re here most likely and that’s definitely what we will accomplish together!

However, it is inevitable that part of this journey, you’ll do it alone. And, for such a challenging endeavour, you need to be set and have all the cards in hands, you need to be on your way to success and for that, you need knowledge on how to keep progressing on your own and you’ll get it.