Brussels based

Whether you prefer having a personal touch, being in a group or having remote dedicated sessions, we’re here to accommodate you!

Our organization is based in Brussels but we have customers all across Europe and we are making sure that we have reliable programs pairs with the right way of working to help you reach your goals.

While each of our clients have different needs, there are also potential outcome that can only be reach within certain configuration and we’re doing our utmost best to be very transparent about it (i.e if your goal is to be proficient in Self Defense for example, a remote teaching won’t do it and we’ll be happy to help you find local classes where you can make the progresses you deserve). So, feel free to contact us, express your objectives and you’re preferred way of working with us and we’ll let you know in all honesty what can and can’t be done with us.

It’s very important for us to make sure that you get the best guidance in your journey because you deserve it!